Zummit, getting there together

Zummit is cloud- based social performance management software that connects your long term goals with the daily activity of your workforce.

Teams performance made simple

Share long term goals

Sharing goals connects your employees with their team and company. It will create a supportive environment and promotes open collaboration.

Share long terms


Build Commitment

Build commitment

Engaged employees deliver higher quality output and deliver a strong contribution to your net results.

Improve team performance

Zummit boosts company performance through effective goal setting and continuous feedback in an engaging, private network.


Improve team performance



Increase productivity by 21%

Clarity in your long and short term goals and time management features will help employees deliver a maximum contribution thereby improving productivity by 21%.

Reduce employee turnover by 25%

Engaging your workforce strongly impacts the loyalty of your high performers thereby reducing employee turnover by 25%.

Improve employee engagement

Continuously strenghten and leverage the relationship with your workforce by enabling them to share their ideas and input. Involve them into goalsetting and activity planning.

Simple, friendly and effective

Zummit is simple, friendly, effective and easy to adopt. Zummit provides you with comprehension adoption and success governance services. This results in a very high return on your investment.

Social collaboration

Tap into the wisdom of your crowd. Enable your workforce to collect and share feedback, to work as a team in achieving the team and company goals.

Increase time spent on strategic priorities by 25%

Linking long term goals to daily activity will increase the amount of time spent on strategic priorities by at least 25%.


Simple pricing



Small organization

until 100 employees


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100+ employees

Custom pricing



Key features

Goal management

Enable employees and teams to align their individual goals to your long term plan and allocate your resources to deliver planned achievements in time.

Feedback and recognition

Instantly recognize your peers' great work! Boost your energy and develop yourself by receiving on- the-job feedback from your fellow employees.

Organizational chart

Our Organizational chart is a graphical representation of your company's structure. It illustrates relations between people within your organization.

Reporting and signals

Receive weekly e-mail overviews. Our reports give you lots of valuable information to help you improve your company going forward.

Roles and responsabilities

Provide your staff with a clear definition and understanding of their role and responsibilities in your workplace.

Company timeline

Involve your teams into your long term plan and goal setting. Allow employees to track progress on your company timeline.

Strategic planning

Create and communicate your long term plan. And create alignment and clarity throughout your organization.


Continuously keep up to date with your workforce by enabling them to share their ideas, feedback and goals even when they are on-the-go.


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